Bridge Cables 17-6: FCC: Stand Strong and Implement Sound Internet Policy

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Opinion: FCC: Stand Strong and Implement Sound Internet Policy


The Federal Communications Commission just released its plan to restore internet freedom, which will bring back the historical light-touch framework that for twenty years instilled regulatory […]

Bridge Span 17-9: Statement on Restoring Internet Freedom Order

The FCC draft Restoring Internet Freedom Order released this week is exactly the step needed to place the internet back on the path that it had been on for decades, a path that benefits all consumers. The Order ends the government control adventurism of the previous administration by allowing consumers to take charge of their […]

Bridge Span 17-10: 5G is Coming If Government Will Allow It

Twenty-first century infrastructure is needed for the benefit of the economy and the taxpayers. This notion may have been one of the more agreed upon policy ideas of last year’s presidential race. A key piece to determining to invest in infrastructure is to consider future needs so that investments are future oriented, not just adequate […]