Bridge Span 15-3: Putting Mobile Out of Reach in PG County

According to the Pew Research Center, minorities use mobile technologies more than whites. While African-Americans and Hispanics were much less likely to own a desktop computer, they owned laptops in equal numbers with whites, and are more likely than whites to own a mobile device. Importantly, minority groups use mobile “phone” capabilities to greater effect […]

Bridge Span 14-1: The FCC Thrown Into the Regulatory Briar Patch

Exactly three weeks ago, the D.C. Circuit court ruled in Verizon v. FCC that the FCC’s net neutrality order regulating the operations of broadband companies, hence the Internet itself, was illegal. All the judges agreed that the FCC’s order that a telecommunications provider must treat all data in the same […]

Bridge Span 13-9: New Processes for the FCC?

Later today the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Communications and Technology will be conducting a hearing titled, “Improving FCC Process.” The panel is a good one and includes several people I respect for their opinions and insight into communications policy. You can get more details about the […]