Bridge Span 17-7: The False Choice of Security and Privacy

Discussions about personal privacy and government surveillance commonly end in a false choice. Often someone offers that the government can watch them all they want and gather all the information the government may desire, because the person proudly asserts that they have no reason to be worried as they are not criminals and have done […]

Bridge Pier 17-1: Comments to the FCC Regarding Privacy and Broadband Redux

March 4, 2017

Marlene H. Dortch


Federal Communications Commission

445 12th Street S.W.

Washington, D.C. 20554


Re: In the Matter of Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services

WC Docket No.16-106

Dear Ms. Dortch:

The Commission has proposed, in its words, “to apply the traditional privacy requirements of the […]

Bridge Cables 16-2: This Wireless Future, Municipal Chokepoint in Innovation, and Taking Back the Legislative Branch

Lately, Madery Bridge writing has appeared in other places. Take a look!:

American Legislative Exchange Council – “This Wireless Future” “The next generation of wireless networks promises increased capacity to accommodate skyrocketing consumer demand, faster wireless speeds for consumers and businesses alike, reduced latency periods and increased network reliability..” Read more here Institute for […]