Bridge Span 17-6: The Net Neutrality Debate in a Phrase: Net Neutrality Good, Title II Bad

Net neutrality, once a concept only discussed in arcane telecommunications legal policy settings has become a quite popular topic. Network neutrality is the notion of an “open internet,” defined by the FCC as allowing “…consumers can go where they want, when they want.” To go a little deeper, one Democrat and then two successive Republican […]

Bridge Span 17-5: A FCC Message of Hope?

Much has already been made, with more yet to come, about President Trump’s first one hundred days in office. Love him or not, love the accomplishments or not, even a cursory review of the last few months show a dogged determination to roll back the regulatory state. Today, in a highly anticipated speech by Federal […]

Bridge Span 17-7: The False Choice of Security and Privacy

Discussions about personal privacy and government surveillance commonly end in a false choice. Often someone offers that the government can watch them all they want and gather all the information the government may desire, because the person proudly asserts that they have no reason to be worried as they are not criminals and have done […]