Bridge Span 18-5: State Tax Authority as Big as the Internet

Given the volume of whining and complaining by state tax collectors one would think that they face a real crisis in collecting online taxes. In fact, they do not. And given their proposed solution one would think that they are out to end small business and crush the Constitution if that is what it takes […]

Bridge Span 18-4: The Market Speaks Louder, and Faster, than Government’s Talking Cars

The federal government had already wasted 18 years and more than $1 billion in taxpayer money in a quest to create DRSC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) technology, a system for vehicle to vehicle communications. During that time, precious spectrum bandwidth, the 5.9 GHz band, was locked up and made unavailable for use by the American […]

Bridge Span 18-3: Who Should Be Driving Our Innovation Future?

For twenty years, the federal government has been devising a plan for talking cars, promising a reduction in injuries and deaths. For twenty years, the government jealously guarded a block of spectrum to use as it pursued its ill-advised industrial policy designed to compete with private industry. For twenty years, nothing happened. But life outside […]