Bridge Cable 17-3: The Angel With The Heart of a Pirate

Lately, Madery Bridge writing has appeared in other places. Take a look!:

Fast forwarding through a gruesome or scary part of a movie? Replaying a particularly engrossing scene of a beloved motion picture? For years consumers have watched videotapes, DVDs, and now digital movies as they see fit. This freedom has worked well within the […]

Bridge Span 17-3: The Firm Grounding of an Intangible Foundation

Good ideas are worth repeating. In Washington it is a necessity to repeat good ideas so that they are not drowned out by the great abundance of bad ideas, to give them a firm grounding even when the topic is intangible. To that end, Madery Bridge joined a host of other organizations signing a letter […]

Bridge Span 17-1: Copyright Modernity

Last week U.S. Representatives Tom Marino, Judy Chu and Barbara Comstock introduced the CODE Act. The Act would finally make the U.S. Copyright office an independent part of the legislative branch, with the related functions and legal duties being part of the Office instead of remaining part of the Library of Congress, in which the […]