Bridge Span 17-10: 5G is Coming If Government Will Allow It

Twenty-first century infrastructure is needed for the benefit of the economy and the taxpayers. This notion may have been one of the more agreed upon policy ideas of last year’s presidential race. A key piece to determining to invest in infrastructure is to consider future needs so that investments are future oriented, not just adequate […]

Bridge Span 17-5: A FCC Message of Hope?

Much has already been made, with more yet to come, about President Trump’s first one hundred days in office. Love him or not, love the accomplishments or not, even a cursory review of the last few months show a dogged determination to roll back the regulatory state. Today, in a highly anticipated speech by Federal […]

Bridge Span 17-4: A Map of Municipal Misadventure

Some municipalities around the country have tried, and failed to set up or operate their own broadband communications networks, to compete in the business of broadband service. The reasons for the failures are numerous, but in all cases taxpayer money was put at risk often without approval of taxpayers and often wasted. The largest failure […]